Carbon and ESG management for companies taking action

The Traace platform is designed to enable companies to concretely reduce their environmental footprint, achieve their ESG objectives and accelerate their transition to a sustainable business model.

Carbon footprint measurement scopes 1, 2 & 3

ESG data collection and reporting

Modeling of trajectories and action plans

Employee and supplier commitment

Reducing the footprint of their business with Traace

Precisely control the environmental impact of your company

Traace facilitates the collaborative collection of your carbon data on all scopes and gives you access to an accurate and uncompromising carbon accounting.

Meet your stakeholders' expectations with a regular, auditable and actionable carbon measurement.

Produce your extra-financial reports easily and remain compliant

Traace allows you to access a complete and granular vision of the progress of your decarbonization and thus to anticipate your compliance with the climate regulations.

Respond efficiently to the reports on which you are engaged or legally submitted.

Fine-tune your decarbonization and meet your climate objectives

Traace facilitates theconcrete commitment of your employees and suppliers around an intuitive platform for an effective transition.

Follow the progress of your actions, plan their financing and measure their impact on your emissions over time.

Secure carbon and ESG data complying with the highest standards

Accredited by CDP

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Approved by the ABC

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Selected by the BPI

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Secure - SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001

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Comprehensive, modern carbon and ESG management

Accurately model your organization and operations

Reproduceyour company's organizational tree and make it evolve over time for a relevant carbon management.
Record your operations accurately for a transversal management of your footprint.
Collect your KPIs, define specific tags and manage access and rights of your different users.

Map your data sources and pace your collections

Collect multi-source and multi-format data automatically or manually.
Access emission factor databases relevant to you. Continuously updated by our teams.
Plan and manage your data collection by easily involving your relevant stakeholders.

An actionable and auditable carbon footprint analysis

Access a fully auditable measure of your carbon footprint.
Automated calculation of the uncertainty for each data point.
Analyze your emissions sources in detail at all levels and quickly report according to all carbon accounting standards.

Model your actions and decarbonation trajectories

Ensure maximum adoption by modeling concrete actions with KPIs tracked by your operational teams.
Model decarbonation actions adapted to your context and/or select predefined actions to build your plan.
Set quantified objectives, in line with your low-carbon path (SBTi, SNBC...) and evaluate precisely the efforts required.

Identify your best decarbonization opportunities and estimate your efforts

Simulate multiple decarbonization scenarios and create relevant action plans to achieve your climate goals.
Gain precision by integrating your assumptions on external factors: growth, sectoral trends, etc.
Visualize the long-term impact of the variation of your KPIs on your carbon trajectories.

Manage your decarbonization action plan financially.

Model the financial impact of your decarbonization actions and get an instant calculation of projected costs.
Access detailed forecast analysis of cash flows, CapEx, OpEx and savings induced by your decarbonization plan.
Easily identify and prioritize high carbon and financial impact actions to achieve your climate goals.

Engage your teams and partners and track the progress of your actions

Assign tasks to your collaborators and partners, and monitor the progress of your action plans over time.
Compare your decarbonization projections with theactual effectiveness of your actions year after year.
Evaluate your suppliers, identify those to be engaged as a priority and track the progress of your scope 3 decarbonization.

Customer testimonials

Since they have been with us, the service provided by the Traace teams has exceeded our expectations.

The Traace teams are highly
responsive and dedicated with their customers. They also push their customers to go the extra mile.

The tool developed by Traace is not just about measuring or tracking carbon footprints.
As the tool's interfaces are User-Friendly, it can be shared with any member of an organization with different levels of rights and access, and can also be used to raise team awareness.

It's a powerful tool for large companies like ours."
Traace has helped us to accurately measure and track our Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

After a successful deployment at our industrial sites,
Traace has become a strategic partner for Siemens.

In addition to measuring the carbon footprint
on all our French sites, Traace helped us to carry out simulations to identify our most relevant short-term actions.

We are working together to constantly improve the solution and recommend it to our customers."
Our collaboration with Traace has been a great success!

We are very satisfied with Traace, which has enabled us to take a real step forward in measuring our carbon emissions.
in measuring our carbon emissions.

The roll-out to our international teams went very well thanks in particular to the responsiveness and professionalism of the Traace team.
We would recommend Traace to all companies wishing to draw up their greenhouse gas balance sheet.

Even if a company has specificities and requires an adaptation of the platform,
Traace is open to discussion to adapt its solution to its customers' needs.

The service provided by Traace is of very high quality.

The team is present and responsive to help us draw up our carbon emissions diagnostic or implement and use the solution.
Our approach of calculating our carbon footprint annually is an instrument of change and preparation for the secular transformation that our industry will undergo over the next few years.

The fact that 99% of our carbon footprint comes from scope 3 is not, for us, proof of our powerlessness, but on the contrary proof that solutions can only be found jointly and in partnership.

Without Traace, we would have been at a loss both to achieve the precision essential to a rigorous approach and to quantify the impact of our actions or those of third parties.

So we hope that by working together with Traace and our integrator Tabga, we will find a rigorous and sincere path to decarbonization.

Take action today in the face of climate risk