Carbon management for companies that take action

Traace is designed to allow companies to concretely reduce their carbon emissions and accelerate their transition to a sustainable model.

Expert carbon footprint measurement

Modeling of trajectories and action plans

Employee and supplier commitment

They decarbonize their activity with Traace

Precisely control the environmental impact of your company

Traace facilitates the collaborative collection of your carbon data on all scopes and gives you access to an accurate and uncompromising carbon accounting.

Meet your stakeholders' expectations with a regular, auditable and actionable carbon measurement.

Produce your extra-financial reports easily and remain compliant

Traace allows you to access a complete and granular vision of the progress of your decarbonization and thus to anticipate your compliance with the climate regulations.

Respond efficiently to the reports on which you are engaged or legally submitted.

Fine-tune your decarbonization and meet your climate objectives

Traace facilitates theconcrete commitment of your employees and suppliers around an intuitive platform for an effective transition.

Follow the progress of your actions, plan their financing and measure their impact on your emissions over time.

Secure carbon data that meets the highest standards

Certified by the CDP

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Approved by the CBA

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Selected by the BPI

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Secure SOC2

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Get a recurring measurement of your carbon footprint

No more laborious data collection.

Save time with our intuitive, semi-automated data collection system.
Make sure you have the right level of accuracy with our enriched database of emission factors.
Track and understand your footprint with our dynamic dashboard.
Obtain certified carbon reporting that complies with standards (Bilan Carbone, GHG, BEGES, ISO/TR 14069, etc.).

Track your emissions reduction targets

Set reduction targets and make sure you're on track

Compare your progress against your goals.
Take concrete action through our ecosystem of specialised partners.
Make the right decisions based also on financial ratios.

Effectively manage your action plan

Track the progress of your internal projects and engage your employees

Engage your employees by creating teams for each project.
Track the progress of your actions and measure their impact on your footprint.
Communicate your progress to your customers and employees.
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Why you will love our solution

All-in-one carbon solution

Control and autonomy

Follow-up of your reduction actions

Commitments met, employees motivated

Fast and educational data collection

Quick and easy. Follow the guide!

Expert support at your side

Ecosystem of qualified partners

Take action today against climate risk.

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Make history without leaving a trace.