A one-stop platform for centralised ESG data managment & streamlined extra-financial reporting

Traace offers comprehensive, modern ESG data management, from collaborative data collection to step-by-step guided reporting.

Double Materiality, Uncertainties, Action Plan, Trajectory, Financing Plan: Traace incorporates a level of ESG data management that is now expected by new reporting standards such as the CSRD.
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Efficiently model, centralize and manage all your activity and ESG data

Define the metrics you want to manage in Traace in a 100% customized way: Name, Category, Unit type, Calculation mode, etc.
Consolidate all your impact data in Traace, as well as all the raw activity data you need to manage your transition: energy consumption, quantity of products purchased, number of journeys, etc.
All your ESG metrics are available on the various Traace modules : Data collection, Analysis dashboard, Trajectory modeling, Action plan impact simulation, etc.

Mobilize your stakeholders and connect your tools to collect accurate, comprehensive and usable data

Set up tailor-made questionnaires and surveys to collect business data that speaks to your stakeholders.
Plan and manage the progress of effective data collection campaigns by assigning specific tasks to your operational teams and partners.
Save time by automating what can be automated, thanks to APIs connecting Traace to your information systems and post-collection processing workflows: calculations, conversions and consolidation of raw data.

Analyze the impact of your activities and manage your ESG performance with customized dashboards

Create and share as many analysis dashboards as you like, using data visualization widgets that you can freely configure and combine.
Thanks to Traace's fine modeling of your operations and organization, you can analyze your activity and impact data in depth and along all the dimensions relevant to you.
Raw data and KPIs or converted impact data, comparisons between years, products or areas of activity, analysis by category, etc.: manipulate your data in detail and understand the evolution of your impact and the effectiveness of your transition plans.

Save time and ensure compliance with step-by-step non-financial reporting guidelines

Double materiality: Traace helps you identify the themes to include in your reporting, score your various ESG themes and visualize them in an interactive materiality matrix.
Specific interfaces for each framework guide you step-by-step through your reporting: progress in collecting the required information, assignment of tasks and reminders, guided response to each CSRD Data Point, etc.
When the required data is already available in Traace, fetch it automatically: action plan, trajectories, uncertainties, raw ESG data, etc.
Export your complete ESG reports in one click, in the formats required or expected by the digital taxonomy, en masse or by organizational perimeter.
Are you subject to CSRD reporting?
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The CSRD signal the end of traditional, partial and "on-demand" extra-financial reporting, and impose the need for modern ESG management

Level of uncertainty associated with the data, Impact and financing of customized action plans, impact reduction objectives and trajectories ... Traace enables you to master the complex expectations of CSRD for all your ESG data, and to analyze the multiple dimensions of environmental impact of your business data: Climate, Water, Biodiversity, Social, etc.