Internal carbon price
& Financial steering
of decarbonation

Climate strategy management that takes into account its financial aspect. Concretize serenely the validation of your carbon action plan by controlling your costs and financing opportunities.

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Meet your reduction targets by enabling the financing and implementation of your carbon plan.

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Optimize collaboration between your climate and finance teams by basing the discussion on reliable and accurate data.

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Secure your company's finances by providing control and visibility over your decarbonization costs.

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advanced financial

Model in detail the CapEx & OpEx flows as well as the depreciation periods of each of your decarbonation levers.

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Planning for decarbonation costs

Adjust your ambitions for each of your reduction actions and dynamically visualize marginal costs and financial forecasts for each of them.

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Graphs to assist in decision making and management

Automatically generate Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) curves and cost matrices to easily identify high carbon and financial impact actions.

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Ease of use for effective deployment

Our easy-to-use interface ensures wide adoption of the tool, from your carbon experts to your operational staff, on whom the implementation of actions depends.

Graphics showing Traace's financial features for finance and carbon data matching

Reconcile your financial and carbon data

Consolidate your cash flow with your carbon emissions reductions and prioritize funding opportunities in your budget to achieve your goals.

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