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Traace supports luxury groups and companies in defining and implementing a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly luxury, to redefine the future with elegance and sustainability.
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Some of our references in the luxury sector

Confidential Client
World leader in the luxury industry
Confidential Client
Holding company of "Wines & Spirits" bringing together more than twenty world-famous houses
Confidential Client
French ready-to-wear and leather goods company

The carbon and ESG challenges facing the luxury sector

The luxury sector has a key role to play in decarbonizing the economy. A sector in a class of its own, its decarbonization challenges and levers are as varied as the diversity of business areas it encompasses: fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, spirits, leather goods, etc.

As a trailblazer, trend-setter and economic agent providing a livelihood for numerous suppliers, the luxury sector has the capacity to positively influence other industries and steer consumer trends towards more sustainable choices. By making the transition to more environmentally-friendly modes of production and consumption, luxury players have the opportunity to play a significant role in promoting a sustainable future, meeting the new expectations of their customers while preserving their exclusive and innovative appeal.

Meet new customer expectations and identify the best low-carbon alternatives

Work with the entire value chain to reduce emissions linked to transport and raw materials.

Implement decarbonization plans in line with new standards and regulations (CSRD, SBTi, etc.).

How can we decarbonize the luxury sector?

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Make luxury the vanguard of a sustainable world with Traace

Our solution supports you in managing and monitoring your carbon and ESG indicators, while enabling you to easily generate your extra-financial reports.

Accurately measure your GHG emission levels by item to take concrete action across your entire value chain, model your trajectories and track your action plans year after year . Traace is the most comprehensive tool to meet the specific needs of the luxury goods industry.
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A solution to support you at every stage of your carbon & ESG strategy

Measurement and analysis
of carbon footprint & ESG impact
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Modeling trajectories & steering action plans
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Financial management of transition plans
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Supplier commitment and scope 3 decarbonization
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ESG data management & CSRD reporting
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