Deploy your decarbonation plans and keep your carbon trajectory

Put your organization into action, concretely. Model your reduction actions in detail and bring to life in the field those that will allow you to keep your carbon trajectory.‍

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Visual of the supplier evaluation grids

Define relevant trajectories and reduction targets

Model objectives aligned with your low-carbon commitments (SBTi, Net-Zero...) and estimate the efforts to be made.
Create precise and specific trajectories for each of your entities based on their decarbonization potential.
Consolidate a global trajectory with appropriate targets by emissions category, product, country, entity, etc.
Engage your relevant stakeholders on a trajectory and goals for the area they are responsible for.
Visual of the responsible purchasing management graphs

Model credible reduction actions in detail and plan your decarbonization strategy

Precisely configure your reduction actions to base future decisions on realistic data: reduction formula, schedule, intensity, RACI, catalysts, etc.
Build your catalog of decarbonization opportunities and simulate the carbon and financial impact of an infinite number of scenarios.
Associate specific and relevant action plans to each of your entities. Put each area of your organization in a position to meet its own carbon trajectory.
Visuals of the supplier carbon assessment

Really deploy your actions within your organization to meet your climate goals

Engage your teams in your low-carbon scenarios and ensure effective action with an easy-to-use collaborative tool.
Assign tasks to your contributors and stakeholders, and monitor the progress of your plans over time.
Benchmark your progress against your low-carbon goals and adjust the efforts and priorities of your employees to meet your climate commitments.

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