The best carbon management solution for climate consultants

Designed by climate experts, Traace Carbon Management Platform allows you to strengthen your customer value proposition while maintaining a "consultant-grade" technicality and the quality of your analyses.

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Graphics and photos showing Traace's offer for consulting firms - Action Plan Creation

Offer your missions and your clients a solution that matches your expertise

Preferred by large companies engaged on the most ambitious climate strategies, Traace is also favored by leading consulting firms for its unique features:

  • Methodological flexibility
  • Adaptability to companies' evolutions over time: perimeters, scope, emission items, etc.
  • Advanced action plan modeling
  • Financial planning for decarbonation
Graphics and photos showing Traace's offer for consulting firms - Carbon Footprint Calculation

Maximize the impact of your consulting missions and optimize your delivery

Increase your work comfort and productivity without compromising the quality of your consulting expertise. Traace is designed by and with the most advanced climate consultants in order to offer natively the services of expert consulting firms:

  • Carbon accounting¬†on 3 scopes with physical data input
  • Continuously updated and customizable emission factors database
  • Fine modeling of the carbon and the financial impact of emission reduction levers
  • Customized assessment of your customers' value chain
Graphics and photos showing Traace's offer for consulting firms - Action Plan financial dimension

Stand out from the crowd by creating a long-term relationship and impact with your customers

Strengthen your offer by proposing a clear, complete and intuitive solution to your customers, allowing them to effectively manage their low-carbon strategy and enabling you to maintain a privileged link with them over time.

  • Follow the progress of their carbon trajectories
  • Implement new actions & levers for decarbonation
  • Identify opportunities to optimize their climate strategy
  • Communicate simply based on reliable data and rich graphical visualizations

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