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Traace supports tourism and events professionals in transforming their sector to imagine new practices adapted to the challenges of tomorrow.
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Some of our references in the tourism and events sector

Carbon and ESG issues for tourism and events companies

The tourism and events sector is facing one of its greatest challenges. Unadapted to today's challenges, it needs to completely rethink the way it operates if it hopes to find its place in a world where climate change is a central concern. Alternatives to mass tourism, the development of a low-carbon transport offer and adaptation to climate risks are all issues that must now be at the heart of the industry's concerns if it is to continue to make us dream in a low-carbon world.

Precise analysis of emissions linked to each of its activities

Identify the best low-carbon alternatives to its current offerings

Anticipate the main social and environmental risks affecting its activities

Low-carbon tourism: 5 overnight train journeys in Europe

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Best practices for collecting carbon data
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Lead the ecological transition of the tourism and events sector

Our solution supports you in measuring, analyzing and managing your ESG indicators , while enabling you to comply with the main environmental standards and regulations.

Easily collect your ESG data, identify your main carbon emissions and identify the best levers for decarbonizing your service offering to transform your business in depth.
Traace is the most comprehensive tool to meet the specific needs of tourism and events professionals.
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A solution to support you at every stage of your carbon & ESG strategy

Measurement and analysis
of carbon footprint & ESG impact
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Modeling trajectories & steering action plans
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Financial management of transition plans
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Supplier commitment and scope 3 decarbonization
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ESG data management & CSRD reporting
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