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Traace supports construction and real estate groups in measuring and managing their carbon and ESG indicators to help them meet the challenges of their environmental transition.
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Some of our references in the construction and real estate sector

Carbon and ESG issues for construction and real estate companies

The building and construction industry alone accounts for 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As the sector with the highest emissions, it is the focus of attention for its overall environmental impact.

Carbon emissions, pollution, impact on biodiversity ... these are just some of the indicators that will be scrutinized in the years to come, and whose management should lead to a veritable revolution in the sector. It's now up to industry players to find the alternatives that will enable it to become one of the driving forces behind the environmental transition.

Analyze the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their life cycle and make them competitive

Identify and assess the impact of the best low-carbon alternatives for construction materials and processes

Comply with the main environmental regulations in the construction sector

Climate change: what impact on real estate?
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Lead the green transition in the construction and real estate sector with Traace

Our solution helps you manage and monitor your carbon and ESG indicators. We enable you to accurately measure the environmental impact of your activities, assess the best levers for decarbonization , and take concrete, long-term action on your greenhouse gas emission levels.

Integration of the INIES database, building lifecycle analysis, supplier impact management, etc . We offer you a complete solution to manage all your carbon issues.

Traace is the most comprehensive tool to meet all the specific needs and challenges of the construction and real estate industries.
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A solution to support you throughout your environmental transition process

Measurement and analysis
of carbon footprint & ESG impact
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Modeling trajectories & steering action plans
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Financial management of transition plans
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Supplier commitment and scope 3 decarbonization
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ESG data management & CSRD reporting
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