Enterprise carbon accounting, actionable and auditable measure

Calculating your company's greenhouse gas emissions is the necessary prerequisite for developing a credible reduction action plan.

Base your climate strategy on an accurate, comprehensive and auditable emissions measurement.

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Produce an accurate, actionable Bilan Carbone® to match your climate ambitions

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Simply measure your carbon emissions data on scopes 1, 2 and 3 via our multi-source data collection.
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Gain in precision and relevance thanks to a collection tailored to your organization, both on the perimeters and on the emission factors.
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Involve your key stakeholders and your entire value chain in an intuitive tool that is 100% adaptable to your context.
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Access auditable carbon accounting that follows the best methodological standards: GHG Protocol, ISO/TR 14069, Bilan Carbone, etc.

The greatest rigor on carbon methodologies & full compliance with international standards

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Understand your emissions and quickly identify your decarbonisation opportunities

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Consolidate and explore your carbon data according to the level of analysis relevant to you: country, site, product, supplier, customer, etc.
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Compare the performance of your different entities and identify the best practices to concretely reduce your emissions.
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Easily comply with regulations and export your data in one click according to the expected reporting standards: CSRD, CDP, GHG Protocol, SBTi, BEGES, ISO, PCAF, etc.
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Tailor-made support from our climate experts

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The level of support provided by Traace experts is fully adapted to your needs to ensure the success of your climate strategy.
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Our philosophy on carbon issues is always to have the greatest methodological rigor in order to ensure a usable footprint measurement over time.
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Traace is the most intuitive carbon tool available, usable in complete autonomy by your internal expert teams or your external consultants.

Calculate your company's carbon footprint

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