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Traace supports transport, mobility and logistics companies in transforming their sector and building a more sustainable future.
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Some of our references in the transport and logistics sector

The carbon and ESG challenges facing the transport and logistics sector

In a globalized economy, transport and logistics are essential to the smooth running of many business sectors. A heavy emitter, the sector is responsible for over 20% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Its transformation is crucial if the world is to move towards a low-carbon economy.

Optimization of logistics flows, new modes of transport and reduced dependence on hydrocarbons are all opportunities that will enable the sector to build a new model.

Accurate and comprehensive accounting of carbon emissions

Identify best practices for optimizing logistics flows

Working with all our stakeholders to reduce our impact

Discover how a major player in mobility is committed to decarbonizing thanks to expert carbon measurement.

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Do electric cars pollute more than combustion cars?
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Lead the green transition in the transport sector with Traace

Our solution supports you in the management and monitoring of your carbon data and ESG indicators , while enabling you to easily generate your extra-financial reports.

From the collection of activity data to the modeling of your trajectories and action plans, via advanced impact analysis, Traace is the most comprehensive tool to meet the specific needs of transport and logistics players.
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A solution to support you at every stage of your carbon & ESG strategy

Measurement and analysis
of carbon footprint & ESG impact
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Modeling trajectories & steering action plans
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Financial management of transition plans
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Supplier commitment and scope 3 decarbonization
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ESG data management & CSRD reporting
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