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How Sodexo engages its local teams to achieve its climate objectives


The need to involve the field to meet climate commitments

Sodexo, world leader in sustainable food and high value-added experiences, has committed to reducing its GHG emissions by 34% in 2025 compared with 2017, on scopes 1, 2 and 3. To accelerate the company's decarbonization process, Sodexo has decided to equip its operational teams with a tool enabling them toanalyze their carbon footprint locally and build a specific action plan to reduce it.

Traace expertise

Complete company modeling

Traace can be used to model an organization, no matter how complex, thanks to a 100% parameterizable tree structure.

For Sodexo, a structure by Group activity and by country was favored. More than 50 countries in total have been parameterized in Traace toobtain the level of granularity desired by Sodexo'sclimate teams and retranscribe the group's internal organization.

Individual contributors are given specific access and rights for certain perimeters chosen by administrators according to their roles and responsibilities.

Connection to various data sources

To measure Sodexo's emissions, Traace consolidates a wide range of operational data via their ERP system: energy consumption, food purchases, logistics, waste, etc. .

The emissions items are then classified by category.

One of Traace's strong points: the categories are 100% configurable, which has enabled Sodexo to retain the structure of its previous Bilans Carbone.

Visualization of emissions and targets by country

Once the data has been integrated into the tool, each country and Sodexo entity is able to identify its carbon footprint and its main emission sources.

Thanks to our trajectory module, entities can also visualize the efforts they need to make to align with the global reduction target.

Entities are now autonomous and ready to build an action plan that will enable them to align their emissions with the Group's commitments.

Building and monitoring action plans

Via our "Action Plan" module, CSR managers in each country can determine their optimum path to achieving their objectives.

To create an action plan, they can choose from a catalog of existing actions or create their own: the tool allows complex decarbonization actions to be modeled and the carbon and financial impact of these actions to be quantified.

Once the ambition and chronology of the actions have been defined, the user can launch the action plan. All Sodexo teams are now committed to reduction!

To combat climate change, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and achieve our target of a 34% reduction in emissions from Scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2025 compared with 2017, as validated by the Science-Based Target Initiative.

Thanks to Traace, we have been able to equip each of the organization's countries
to help them achieve their climate objectives, and thus multiply the effects of our decarbonization strategy tenfold."

Lola Menigaux
Climate Impacts Manager
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