Manage your responsible purchasing policy and decarbonize your Scope 3

Are most of your emissions based on your Scope 3? Identify quickly and precisely your partners and suppliers to engage in a sustainable transition process.

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Visual of the supplier evaluation grids

Assess your stakeholders in a meaningful way - according to your own criteria

Define the evaluation criteria of your value chain in a 100% customizable way.
Fine-tune the weighting of each of your criteria to ensure that your assessment reflects your reality.
Your analysis criteria, your customized collection grid - CSR data or carbon focus - Numerical data, Booleans, multiple choice, text answers, etc.
Visual of the responsible purchasing management graphs

Quickly identify the best opportunities to reduce your scope 3 emissions

Cross-reference your carbon data with your stakeholders' data and make informed decisions to decarbonize your ecosystem.
Analyze the impact of your suppliers on your emissions through the footprint of the products and services you consume.
Assess the level of maturity, level of commitment and reduction potential of your investment portfolio.
Visuals of the supplier carbon assessment

Simply engage the actors in your value chain in the wake of your sustainable transition

Manage your responsible purchasing policy from Traace. Compare your suppliers according to the CSR and Carbon criteria that are important to you.
Go beyond simple data collection - encourage and support your ecosystem to reduce their emissions.
Easily decide which key suppliers to prioritize for sustainability, based on their impact and maturity.
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