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Traace supports professionals in the agri-food sector in their environmental transition, helping them to meet the ESG challenges of today and tomorrow.
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Some of our references in the agri-food sector

The carbon and ESG challenges facing the agri-food sector

The food industry is a key sector for the climate. A major emitter of greenhouse gases, it accounts for over 25% of global emissions, the vast majority of which are generated by the activities in its value chain. Decarbonizing the sector and reducing its impact on biodiversity have become priority issues. The agri-food sector is also one of the first sectors to be affected by climate change, as well as an amplifier of solutions thanks to its capacity to capture carbon directly.

Precise measurement of Scope 3 emissions

Embark on an SBTi trajectory with confidence

Planning the financial impact of the transition

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Understanding the new SBTi FLAG sector methodology
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Lead the ecological transition of the agri-food sector with Traace

Our solution supports you in the management and monitoring of your carbon data and ESG indicators , while enabling you to easily generate your extra-financial reports.

From the collection of activity data to the modeling of your trajectories and action plans, via advanced impact analysis, Traace is the most comprehensive tool to meet the specific needs of players in the agri-food sector.
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A solution to support you at every stage of your carbon & ESG strategy

Measurement and analysis
of carbon footprint & ESG impact
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Modeling trajectories & steering action plans
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Financial management of transition plans
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Supplier commitment and scope 3 decarbonization
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ESG data management & CSRD reporting
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