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The founders

Rodolphe Denieau

Rodolphe Denieau


Thomas Guyot

Thomas Guyot


Patrick Nollet

Patrick Nollet


The urgency of climate change imposes the need to transform our growth model and achieve global carbon neutrality by 2050.

This challenge presents an opportunity for companies that will lead this environmental transition and thus reduce their costs and their carbon footprint while strengthening the commitment of their employees.

Traace is a greentech start-up whose mission is to help you rise to this challenge. Our innovative carbon management software will help you measure your footprint, implement reduction strategies and manage your carbon emissions.

Join us in this goal!

The Traace team

Our mission

To technologically equip all organizations to accelerate their transition to a sustainable model for the environment and society.

Traace is a B-Corp certified company

Our values


We prefer practice to theory. We seek to be rational in our choices. We confront our intuitions with reality before committing ourselves to a new project.

Transparency and honesty

We believe that transparency and honesty are the foundation of human relations. We strive internally to facilitate access to information. We publicly acknowledge our mistakes. We will never push unsuitable solutions on our clients.


We push every member of our team to challenge the status quo. Every past decision must be open to challenge if our pragmatism prompts us to do so. There is no glass ceiling.

General interest

The other comes before the self, the team comes before the individual, the environment and society come before our short-term interest. We help each other. We develop our empathy. We refuse to compartmentalize roles. We place our mission at the heart of our decisions.

Ambition and Excellence

We believe that we can have an impact on our world and we give ourselves the means to do so. We strive for excellence in the profiles we recruit. We are constantly learning and aim for the personal growth of each member of our team.

Make history without leaving a trace.