Case Study

Compass Group - How to turn decarbonization into a business asset?

Download the slides of our conference of the2023 edition of Food Hotel Tech.

During this presentation, Sabine MAILLOT, Director of Sustainable Development, CSR and Communication at COMPASS Group and Thomas GUYOT, co-founder of Traace came back on:

➡️ Key figures for COMPASS Group, the world's leading catering company serving more than 5.5 billion meals worldwide per year.

➡️ The business and environmental context in which the group operates.

➡️ The increasing pressure on companies to adopt a low-carbon model.

➡️ COMPASS Group's climate commitments , including its Net-Zero 2050 Objectives

➡️ The need to be well-equipped to transform engagement into a business lever.

➡️ How the Traace platform allows COMPASS Group to manage its decarbonization action plan based on a rigorous carbon measurement to identify and deploy high-impact actions for the decarbonization of the group.

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