Agri-food and catering are responsible for 25% of global GHG emissions

As a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the food industry is undergoing a major transformation. Your customers are aware of this and carbon is now one of their criteria of choice.
Thanks to Traace, make the Carbon Assessment of your activities and set up concrete projects to reduce your emissions.

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The leading carbon platform for the food and catering industry

We give you all the tools you need to simply integrate carbon into your daily decisions.


Assess the carbon footprint of all your industrial sites or restaurants.

Tailored to your sector

We propose specific action levers for the agri-food industry.

Decision-making tool

New card? Change of supplier? Integrate carbon into your decision making and see the impact on your total footprint directly.

Meet your customers' expectations

Make your carbon strategy an asset for your customers with our communication module.

Make history without leaving a trace.