Carbon footprint: What subsidies for SMEs?

Carbon footprint: What subsidies for SMEs?

Do you want to take action to reduce your emissions? Let's decipher the available grants!

Thomas Guyot

Thomas Guyot


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[Note: This article is from 2021. As initiatives are constantly evolving, we invite you to check for yourself if they are still relevant].

- The government's "Springboard for the ecological transition of SMEs" subsidizes ecological transition projects up to 80%. The amount of aid ranges from €5,000 to €200,000 .

- The realization of your carbon assessment is eligible and can be subsidized up to 5 000€. (Ex: If your carbon assessment costs you 6 500€, you will only pay 1 500€ because the state will subsidize 5 000€)


Background: the recovery plan 🌍

In order to combat global warming and achieve the objectives of the Paris agreements, which aim to be carbon neutral by 2050, the State's Recovery Plan allocates a budget of 30 billion euros to the energy transition. This translates into a grant, managed by ADEME, called "Tremplin pour la transition écologique des PME". This aid encourages companies to develop their low-carbon strategy by participating in the financing of actions in this direction. If your company is planning to implement a decarbonisation strategy, this is a good opportunity to take the plunge 


How does this grant work? 🔍

The possible amount of this aid is between €5,000 and €200,000 and allows you to obtain financing of up to 80% of the total amount of the transition project(s), but please note that only certain specific actions are concerned.

Indeed, about 60 actions are subsidized by the Tremplin transition écologique and they are divided into 2 main categories:

- Diagnostics and studies. This includes the realization of your carbon footprint, your action plan, energy audits or others.

- Investments. This category includes purchases or work that reduces the company's carbon footprint, such as installing LED lighting, insulating attics or purchasing electric vehicles.

The completion of your carbon footprint, which also includes an action plan, can enable you to receive up to €5,000 in aid. If you wish to undertake other ecological transition actions, contact us to quickly obtain an estimate of the aid to which you may be entitled.

Note that this is not a retroactive aid, only the non-committed costs can be subsidized, if your estimates are signed or a promise to sell has been made these projects can not be co-financed by the ADEME.


But who is eligible? 🎓

The good news is that all VSEs and SMEs are eligible for this aid, regardless of their company name! Associations are also eligible for this grant, under certain conditions.

However, it is not possible to combine ADEME grants. You will therefore be ineligible for the Carbon Transition Subsidy if you are already receiving aid.


How do I go about getting this help 💸

The ADEME has greatly simplified the administrative procedures related to this grant. Only 3 steps are necessary:

1. Check your eligibility and the eligibility of your project(s).

2. Fill in the "ADEME Tremplin transition écologique" file on the ADEME website.

3. Submit your request by providing the documents justifying this aid (study or work estimates, etc.) as well as your bank details.


To do all this, go to the page of the ADEME dedicated to the help:


Ready to take action? 💪

You want to take action? Traace helps you to estimate your aids, measure your emissions and define the action plan that fits you to reduce your emissions. Finally, thanks to our SaaS software, you will have a simple monitoring tool to ensure you are on the right track!

The "Springboard for ecological transition" grant is compatible with our offer. Contact us to obtain an estimate of your aid 

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