Financial management of its decarbonization plan

An action plan to reduce emissions, however relevant it may be on the carbon front, is nothing without financing. It will remain virtual, while emissions will remain real.

No concrete action to reduce carbon emissions, no modification of a value chain and no profound operational change has ever seen the light of day without prior financial validation. Hence the need to clearly link carbon data and financial data in order to take real action.

‍In order to keep to its carbon trajectory, a company needs to control its costs and financing opportunities.

➡️ How can you prioritize the funding of opportunities that will enable you to achieve your objectives?

➡️ How can you control the ROI of your climate strategy?

➡️ How can you optimize collaboration between your climate and finance teams by speaking the same language and working within a shared framework?

In this webinar, given on the occasion of the 2023 edition of the Virtual Climate Summit, we attempt to provide some answers to these questions andexplain why linking carbon data and financial data is essential to enable companies to take action.

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