How to accelerate the decarbonization of its value chain?

How to tackle the decarbonization of its Scope 3?

For many companies, indirect emissions account for the majority of their carbon footprint.
Up to over 98% for some of our clients at Traace.

➡️ How can we reduce emissions on which it would seem a priori that we have no direct leverage?

➡️ Why is it difficult to decarbonize your scope 3?

➡️ How to act on the carbon performance of its suppliers?

➡️ Is it necessary to rethink one's activity to decarbonize one's scope 3?

➡️ What are the differences between SMEs, TMEs and large groups when it comes to decarbonizing its scope 3?

Whether you are an SME, an ETI or a large group, decarbonizing your value chain is both necessary and complex.

During this webinar, the Magelan and Traace teams join forces to decipher the main tactics for tackling Scope 3 and try to share concrete examples to inspire you and make you want to take action.

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