Novepan - Measuring the GHG emissions of a multi-site industrial company

Thanks to Traace, Novepan, a company specialised in the manufacture of bread and snack products, can carry out its annual internal carbon assessment and monitor the evolution of its emissions.


80 M€
300 employees
6 factories
Novepan, an industrial company in the food industry, has embarked on a process to reduce its environmental footprint in 2019.

As GHG emissions have been defined as a priority, the company has committed to carrying out a Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessment to visualise the evolution of emissions year after year.

Data collection

After a training of the employees to the Traace tool, Novepan's teams were able to start the first step of the Bilan Carbone: the data collection.

Our collaborative and semi-automated data collection system allowed Novepan's teams to quickly retrieve the right data: energy consumption, logistics, purchases, etc.

CSR data already collected (energy, waste) as well as purchases were loaded directly into the tool, avoiding tedious manual input.

Carrying out the carbon footprint

To carry out the carbon assessment, Traace relied on the best available data (e.g. Agribalyse database), and on its expertise to create personalised emission factors for the different types of flour, in order to gain in precision and actionability of the action plan.

Once the data is collected, the person in charge of the carbon footprint at Novepan can view it from different angles (by site, by item, etc.).

Our experts intervene at the end of the project to verify the consistency of the data collected, in order to produce a certified, robust, accurate and actionable GHG assessment.

"Thanks to this new carbon assessment carried out with Traace, we have a clear vision of our emissions and the levers to reduce our footprint on each site.

For example, we have been able to see the impact of refrigerant gas leaks on one of the sites as well as the general impact of the importance of our purchases. We have also started to challenge our main suppliers to join the process.


Ongoing support from Traace experts

To ensure that the report complies with the highest standards of carbon accounting (Bilan Carbone, GHG Protocol...), Novepan's teams were continuously supported by a dedicated carbon consultant.

By email, telephone or directly via the tool's messaging system, a consultant will respond to you to help and guide you in the completion of your assessment.

The little extra: Once the assessment is completed, the Traace support remains accessible. Do you have a document to return to a client or an action to take within the company? Our expert answers you all year round.

Identification of emission reduction opportunities

Once the carbon footprint has been established, the objective is obviously to reduce emissions.

Thanks to our trajectory module and the accuracy of the carbon footprint, Novepan was able to identify the first reduction actions with the possibility to simulate these actions directly in the tool.

Thanks to an easy to use tool to update the carbon footprint, to follow its action plan and with the continuous support of Traace experts, Novepan can serenely engage its decarbonisation.

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