Industry accounts for 18% of carbon emissions in France

The industrial sector is a major consumer of energy and relies on complex supply chains, making it difficult to decarbonise. However, the stakes in terms of competitiveness are immense.
Thanks to Traace, carry out the Carbon Footprint of your industrial sites, identify the decarbonisation levers, and communicate on the carbon footprint of your offers.

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The right carbon platform for every type of industry

We offer you a set of tools to reduce your carbon footprint and meet your commitments to your customers.


Carry out a carbon assessment of all your industrial sites and subsidiaries.

Tailored to your business

We use your operational data and leading methodologies. You benefit from the best analysis to find the most carbon reduction levers.

Decision-making tool

Identify at a glance your main emission sources, and develop your industrial sites by taking carbon into account in your choices.

Meet your customers' expectations

Make your carbon strategy an asset for your customers with our communication module.

Make history without leaving a trace.