The right solution to finally control your carbon trajectory

Achieve your carbon reduction goals by equipping your operational teams with a simple and empowering monitoring tool.
Our platform enables you to effectively measure, analyse and reduce your carbon emissions using accurate data from across your value chain.

"Thanks to Traace, we have been able to equip each of the organisation's countries to become autonomous in achieving their climate objectives, and thus increase the effects of our decarbonisation strategy tenfold.

Picture of Lola Menigaux

Lola Menigaux
Climate Impacts Manager


Onboard your employees on their dedicated perimeters

Make all your entities, sites and subsidiaries responsible for reducing emissions

Deploy your group strategy at an operational level by allowing each entity to track its own emissions.
Engage your teams in a common goal with our collaborative tool.
Communicate your results to your customers and employees.

Get a recurring measurement of your carbon footprint

No more laborious data collection.

Save time with our intuitive, semi-automated data collection system.
Make sure you have the right level of accuracy with our enriched database of emission factors.
Track and understand your footprint with our dynamic dashboard.
Obtain certified carbon reporting, in line with standards (Bilan Carbone, GHG, etc.).

Make sure you stay on your carbon path

Effectively manage your action plan to achieve your reduction objectives

Track the progress of your actions and measure their impact on your footprint.
Compare your progress against your low-carbon trajectory goals.
Make the right decisions based also on financial ratios.

Make history without leaving a trace.